KSER responds to destruction of KRKO towers

A statement from Bruce Wirth, General Manager at KSER in Everett, regarding the recent destruction of 2 of KRKO's broadcast towers:

We at KSER are shocked and troubled by the recent acts of destruction visited on our fellow Everett broadcaster, KRKO. While KSER understands the concerns of residents in the community surrounding KRKO's towers, acts of violence do not constitute a legitimate approach to expressing those concerns or defending their interests.

KRKO is a locally-owned broadcaster located right here in Snohomish County and they have made significant investments in serving our community. At a time when many stations are now owned by huge national media conglomerates who have eliminated local programming altogether, KRKO has continued to broadcast live, local programming that many people in our community enjoy.

KRKO is also Snohomish County's federally designated emergency broadcaster, and they have made a serious commitment to meeting that responsibility.

While KSER sympathizes with the anxiety of nearby residents, we encourage everyone involved in the dispute to thoroughly study the scientific evidence and pursue their aims in court rather than engage in acts of violence spurred by fear.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey