KRAB co-founder Jeremy Lansman to speak at conference

Community broadcasting pioneer Jeremy Lansman will speak about the history of community radio networking in the northwest as part of our upcoming summit. Lansman cofounded Seattle's legendary KRAB radio in 1962 (with Lorenzo Milam and Gary Margason), and went on to launch numerous other independent stations across the country from St. Louis to Kasilof. Portland's KBOO, which Lansman helped get on the air in 1968, is the region's last remaining member of the "KRAB Nebula," a community radio network in whose footsteps we are now trying to walk.

These days, Lansman calls Anchorage home. He owns and operates the city's only locally-owned TV station KYES, while still keeping a number of small noncommercial radio stations going. Read more about Lansman here, here and here.

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