KPOV Bend launches Internet stream

Our friends at KPOV-LP in Bend have added a web stream to their local low-power FM signal. More from the Bend Weekly News:

POV has an FCC license to broadcast a low-power, four-watt signal a limited area that is about the size of the City of Bend. The combination of its low power signal, tower location on Awbrey Butte, and local topography in Bend means many people can't hear the station, even though they live nearby the broadcast tower. Internet broadcasting—or streaming—is a new way for people to access the station’s signal from any computer with an internet connection.

“We heard from a lot of local people who wanted to hear the station but couldn't receive the signal. So we set a goal to be streaming by January 1, 2007,” continued Riley. “Thanks to the hard work of a lot of volunteers these last few weeks—researching streaming, setting up our systems and then testing everything—we made that goal.”

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