Northwest Community Radio Summit Keynote

A Celebration of Community Radio
With Amy Goodman

Saturday, Sept 16 2006, 7pm
Town Hall, Seattle

Master of Ceremonies: Sharon Maeda, campaign organizer, Reclaim the Media



Community radio and social justice: an LPFM radio barnraising in Oregon
* Pete Tridish, director, Prometheus Radio Project
* Larry Kleinman, secretary-treasurer, PCUN
* Documentary film presentation by Pepperspray Productions

Media Democracy Now! Connections between media policy and community media
* Karen Toering, co-director, Reclaim the Media
* Lupito Flores, general manager, KYRS Spokane

Keynote address: Amy Goodman
introduced by David Goodman


Spanish translation of the keynote presentation will be provided via onsite microradio; listeners with personal radios may tune in on a frequency which will be announced.

Traducción español del discurso del Amy Goodman será proporcionada vía microradio. Los oyentes pueden escuchar en una frecuencia que será anunciada.

Amy Goodman and David Goodman's new book Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People Who Fight Back will be on sale in Town Hall following tonight's presentation. Amy and David will remain to sign books.


AMY GOODMAN is host and executive producer of Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now! She began her career in community radio in 1985 at WBAI New York, where she produced the station's evening news for ten years. Her 1992 documentary "Massacre: the Story of East Timor" (produced with fellow journalist Allen Nairn) won numerous awards, as did her 1998 radio documentary "Drilling and Killing: Chevron and Nigeria's Oil Dictatorship (produced by Jeremy Scahill). She helped launch Democracy Now! in 1996. The program, now broadcast on over 500 community and public broadcasting TV outlets, calls itself the largest community media collaboration in the US.

DAVID GOODMAN is a freelance journalist and contributing writer for Mother Jones. He is the author of Fault Lines: Journeys into the New South Africa and co-author (with Amy Goodman) of Exception to the Rulers and Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People Who Fight Back. A graduate of Harvard University, he lives with his wife and two children in Vermont.

PINEROS Y CAMPESINOS UNIDOS DEL NOROESTE (PCUN, Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United), is a union of farmworkers, nursery, and reforestation workers. Based in the Willamette Valley town of Woodburn, PCUN is Oregon's largest Latino organization. PCUN’s fundamental goal is to empower farmworkers to understand and take action against systematic exploitation and all of its effects. To achieve this end, PCUN is involved in community and workplace organizing on many different levels. Founded in 1985 by 80 farmworkers, PCUN has since grown to include more than 5,000 registered members, 98% of which are Mexican and Central American immigrants, and to encompass a wide variety of organizing projects.

The PROMETHEUS RADIO PROJECT is a Philadalphia-based non-profit organization founded by a small group of radio activists in 1998, dedicated to the idea that a free, diverse, and democratic media is critical to the political and cultural health of our nation. Their primary focus is on building a large community of LPFM stations and listeners. Prometheus supports community groups at every stage of the process of building community radio stations, and facilitates public participation in the FCC regulatory process. They recently collaborated with PCUN to launch the new LPFM station KPCN in Woodburn, OR in a participatory weekend of workshops, carpentry and soldering. This was Prometheus' tenth such weekend, which they call "barnraisings." Find out more at

PEPPERSPRAY PRODUCTIONS is an independent video activist collective in Seattle, formed shortly after the WTO protests in 1999 to provide independent video from the front lines of the global battle against the corporate state. In addition to creating individual video pieces, Pepperspray produces the activist video quarterly The Leader, the weekly public access TV show Indymedia Presents, and Indymedia Newsreal, a monthly compilation of short video pieces which airs on Free Speech TV. Find out more at

KBCS-FM is a listener supported, non-commercial, community radio station, operated as a public service of Bellevue Community College. The station's purpose is to entertain, educate and involve a diverse community of listeners with a variety of music, cultural and public affairs programs. A Pacifica affiliate broadcasting at 8000 watts, KBCS 91.3 FM is the only non-commercial community radio station in the Seattle metro market. In the recent past, KBCS has expanded its public affairs production, training new volunteer producers to help produce programs such as Voices of Diversity and One World Report. Find out more at

RECLAIM THE MEDIA is a Seattle-based nonprofit working to popularize and broaden public debate concerning media ownership, private control of broadcasting resources, media's role in issues of social and economic justice, and the importance of a free and just media to the health of our democracy. Over the past four years, the organization has played a catalytic role in the growth of a national media democracy movement, and has achieved significant organizing successes despite having no paid staff and no office. The Northwest Community Radio Network project is part of RTM's commitment to supporting community media infrastructure as a vital alternative to the establishment media. Other RTM projects over the last four years have included campaigns focused on local cable issues, national media ownership and Internet policy; media monitoring projects, event series focused on racism and media justice, and collaboration with a wide range of groups seeking progressive social change. Find out more at


This event and the NW Community Radio Conference are hosted by Reclaim the Media and KBCS 91.3fm. This event was made possible in part by a grant from the Threshold Foundation. We also gratefully acknowledge the support of Newground Social Investments, CHAC, Essential Baking, Safeway, the Perennial Tea Room, Brad's Swingside Cafe, and the Asteroid Cafe.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey