Hollow Earth Radio

We found out about this fledgling Internet station through a chance conversation in a local coffeehouse... Hollow Earth Radio, with what looks like a mixture of music, live programming and recorded live performances, with a yen for found sounds, collage, old mix tapes and other audio sports. Check them out!

There must be more of these small Internet stations around the Northwest. If you run one, of know of a good one, drop us a line at universaldeclaration (at) reclaimthemedia.org!

Cafe Vega, Idealog

And not just any local coffeehouse -- it's Cafe Vega, groovy neighborhood hub at 19th & Yesler in the Central District. Worth a visit, or many, if you haven't been there yet.

Hey -- Jeff Reifman has a post about Hollow Earth Radio as well, over at Idealog. Hi Jeff!

Susan Gleason
Reclaim the Media

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