Fairbanks Open Radio seeks labor-of-love assistance

Up in Fairbanks, the applicants for a new full-power community radio license anticipate they'll soon get the goahead from the FCC; and will need some help getting off the ground. Here's their announcement seeking a stipended station coordinator...

Help Wanted: Person interested in bringing a radio station into the world.

We are Fairbanks Open Radio -- an FM non-commercial educational community radio station (soon to be), located in Fairbanks, Alaska.

For two years now our board has been working towards creating a progressive radio station. We have made great strides and our parent organization, the Alaska Federation for Community Self Reliance is actually very close to being being granted a license by the FCC [probably within six months]. Our board has jumped through most of the bureaucratic hoops and after a lot of work, we expect to score highest out of nine applicants in the FCC's point system ranking. So the groundwork has been laid and we will have two years from the date we are issued the license to bring the station on the air.

All current members of our board are working at their jobs too much to be able to devote the necessary time and energy needed to really get the ball rolling. We believe there is enough community support to make this nearly all volunteer station work. There are many people who have contributed and will contribute to the effort but we need a person with energy, drive, stamina, and focus, to coordinate their efforts. Fairbanks Open Radio is looking for a person with energy, organizational skills and a commitment to citizen media. This is an opportunity push back against the overly loud voices of AM talk radio that have inundated our communities.

This will be an adventure, an opportunity to build a progressive station from the ground up. Fairbanks Open Radio can't offer much money, but we can provide a place to stay, money for food and transportation. This job would not be for the money. A better world yes, making a difference yes. Amazing adventure yes. Radio experience would be helpful but not necessary.

Please write to or call:
Sean McGuire
Cloudberry Lookout B&B
PO Box 84511
Fairbanks, AK 99708
(907) 903 8500

or email David Koester at swarming@mosquitonet.com.

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