A Regional Community Radio Network

The Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, and Alaska for our purposes) is full of active community radio stations including FMs, AMs, LPFMs, pirate stations and Internet broadcasters. These stations are often very connected to their local communities, they're disconnected from one another. Commuity radio collaborations are few and far between, and ongoing relationships are extremely rare. This is too bad, because large and small stations have so much to learn from each other--as do urban and rural stations, Canadian and US stations, etc.

Reclaim the Media and KBCS have initiated a regional discussion about the creation of a northwest community radio network, which would allow all stations to share skills, resources and programming in a common pool, establishing a new shared grassroots cultural identity while maintaining each station's independence.

The network will be able to sustain any number of collaborative endeavors--mentoring relationships pairing established and new stations; an online mechanism for sharing regional news and cultural programs; shared promotions for community media, etc. The network will also allow community radio stations to work together on behalf of media democracy campaigns, educating listeners about important community policy decisions taking place in D.C. and Ottawa.

On May 22, in Bellingham WA, we're holding an initial roundtable conference about forming a network. Get the details here.

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