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Reporters Without Britches


Reporters Without Borders caught with their pants down

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Cultural diversity: coming UN attractions

[LA Times editorial]

A UNITED NATIONS AGENCY smacked Hollywood last week with a rolled-up parchment, adopting a "cultural diversity" convention that says countries may subsidize or shelter their local creative industries. To the U.S. government ��� joined only by Israel in voting against the document

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US virtually alone in rejecting Convention on Cultural Diversity

Tantrums and Threats
by Pedro de La Hoz, Periodico 26

Whoever is not with me is against me is the slogan the Bush White House has preached to the world. This week such a simpleminded philosophy reached the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as its member nations

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Citizens Summit on the Information Society

Tunis, November 16-18, 2005

[CSIS Press release]

A Citizens��� Summit on the Information Society (CSIS) will be held in Tunis, on November 16-18, 2005, coinciding with the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

The CSIS will be another milestone in the long tradition of UN conferences

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ICT solutions to foster freedom of expression

The role of ICT-powered audience-controlled media to foster the structural democratization of media systems

by Rufo Guerreschi, PARTECS Participatory Technologies

Of course, freedom of expression is an undeniable requirement for a free journalist, and therefore for a free and democratic society.

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UNESCO and the US at odds over cultural diversity protections

by Jennifer Allen, Artforum

Le Monde's Nicole Vulser reports (below) on Condoleezza Rice's attempt to prevent Unesco from adopting a convention to protect cultural diversity around the world. Initiated by Canada and France, the convention was well received by the majority of 191 member states at

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CAFTA: Copyright lobbyists strike again

by Declan McCullagh, CNet

Hollywood and large U.S. software companies chalked up another crucial yet little-noticed victory last week with the final approval of the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

You wouldn't know it from a political debate veering between labor standards in Nicaragua

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Bill of Media Rights

Bill of Media Rights

This winter, national and local Media activist groups from across the country worked together to produce a pithy statement of values for media that serves our democracy. The result is the new Bill of Media Rights, which begins: A free and vibrant media, full of diverse and competing voices, is the lifeblood of America's democracy and culture, as well as an engine of growth for its economy. Set for an official launch this spring, the statement already has the support of organizations representing millions of Americans--demonstrating again that the public demands greater diversity, greater fairness, and greater accountability from our media.

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[ AFL-CIO endorsement ]

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DeeDee Halleck: redefining the global village

by Jonathan Lawson

[note: a version of this piece appears in the Spring 2005 media issue of YES! Magazine.]

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey