Communications Rights

Indymedia servers seized by FBI following international investigation

by Jonathan Lawson

Independent Media Center activists today reported that Federal Bureau of Investigation agents confiscated hard drives housing a number of Indymedia websites from the Dallas and London offices of internet service provider Rackspace. The seizure, evidently occasioned by a court order,

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Hey Kidz! Check this workshop


Anne Elizabeth Moore's Hey Kidz! Buy This Book calls itself "a radical primer on corporate and governmental propaganda and artistic activism for short people." Anne brings her radical education roadshow home to the Seattle area this month, with a kids-only Make Your Own Media workshop, 3-5pm Sept 1 at the Puyallup Public Library (directions/details). She's also teaming up with the Seattle Alliance for Media Education for an all-ages workshop on Sports, Citizenship, Patriotism and the Media, 4-6pm Sept. 11 at the University Branch of the Seattle Public Library.

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Our Right to the Sky

The International Telecommunications Union assigns global satellite orbits. Is it possible that there could be transponder set-asides for non-profits on the commercial satellites and peace channels on the military satellites?

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