Korean activist vow to restore domestic film quota

[Screen Quota Action Alliance, Seoul]

We announce to our people and history. We will restore the screen quota system without fail.

We stand in the streets of Kwanghwamoon known for Korean people’s passion and delight.

But Kwanghwamoon feels like desolate and miserable today for us.

On 1, July, 2006, Korean movie is forced to dragged into the valley of death.
President Roh Moo-hyun agreed to reduce the screen quota from 146 days a year to 73 days as a precondition for the ROK-U.S. FTA negotiations.

The decision was made unilaterally and suddenly. It amounted to violence against Korean cinema.

Everyone says there is no border in love. People also say there is no border in capital.

But there is a border in cinema.

The border is like a jungle area where Korean movies wage a fierce fight against Hollywood movies.

Hollywood movies never let other countries’ movie industry grow.

The United States lay Iraq in ruins and many young people were killed in the war for oil and military capital.

That’s why the board of prestigious Cannes Film Festival unanimously supported Korean fight for defending the screen quota system, which was an exceptional case.

We had a screen quota of 146 days!

That was a lifeline of the Korean cinema. That was of crucial help in Korean cinema develop. That helped 10 million Korean people watch Korean movies. That served as a safety valve for investors. That was like nutrients for moviemen.

But 146 days were gone.

Sadly, friend of Korean cinema, screen quota of 146days was stolen.

President Roh Moo-hyun was harshly judged by Korean people, so it is even shameful to urge him to step down.

He is an official Korean president, but not any more in terms of power. So we feel pity for him.

Nevertheless we have something to say.

You made Korean cinema die. You don’t have to worry about our nation. Go back to your hometown.

We expected the ruling party to head in the right direction following 5.31 local election.

But we feel hopelessness as we think such a hope will not be realized.

They say that they succeed in the ROK-U.S. FTA negotiation as they did not reduce the screen quota any further.

We make a serious offer to you.

We can’t expect any hope from you. Break up the ruling Uri party.

Some may say that moviemen’s struggle is over. Some may think that we can’t reverse the reduced screen quota system. President Roh Moo-hyun and ruling Uri party may want to see for us to stop this struggle.

But that is impossible.

Korean movies are dying, which is the driving force behind our fight.

So our fight can’t stop until we restore the previous screen quota system. Our struggle has just begun.

We announce to the whole world.

Our fight will continue as long as there are moviemen fighting against the results of ROK-U.S. FTA negotiations. We won’t succumb to the government’s decision, and we will fight to the finish.

In the face of the cultural hegemony imposing the U.S. value and life styles on our people, we will surely restore the screen quota system for Korean movies.

Hurrah for fight for restoring the screen quota system!

Hurrah for Korean movies!

July 1, 2006

By all the Korean moviemen promising to continue to fight until screen quota system is fully restored.

article originally published at http://screenquota.org/home2/news/korea_read.asp?BoardID=1&Idx=477.

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