FCC to hold open Internet hearing in Seattle, April 28

Reclaim the Media:

The Federal Communications Commission has announced a public hearing in Seattle to discuss open internet issues. The workshop, entitled "Approaches to Preserving the Open Internet," is currently scheduled to take place at 9:30am April 28 at the Jackson Federal Building in downtown Seattle. According to the FCC, the hearing is intended to examine "how the Internet’s openness can best be preserved, including by examining historical and ongoing efforts to protect Internet openness in the United States and other countries, and by discussing the key technological, economic, and legal considerations relevant to the need for and substance of the Commission’s proposed open Internet policies."

The hearing is part of a proceeding on Network Neutrality and the Open Internet, announced by the FCC last October. The FCC is seeking public input on draft rules that would codify and supplement existing principles to safeguard the Internet’s openness. This process is intended to secure and protect the economic and social benefits of the open Internet by preventing anyone from restricting the free flow of lawful content and applications online.

Mark your calendars for April 28. Stay tuned to Reclaim the Media for further information, and get involved with local organizing to protect net neutrality, preserve civil rights online, and promote universal access to affordable broadband!

article originally published at Reclaim the Media.

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