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Net Neutrality and the Future of the Internet

Congress is pushing legislation which would curtail citizen choice on the Internet - setting aside principles of network neutrality and allowing big Internet providers to divide web destinations into fast and slow lanes based on their own business deals - undermining our choice and our freedom, and stymieing the development of new web technologies by creating new barriers to entry.

Along the way, the new rules would also let telecom companies continue discriminatory ‘redlining’ practices, delaying or denying new high-tech services to low income and rural areas.

Finally, the new rules would put the squeeze on local educational and community cable TV production, by quashing locally-negotiated franchises for video services.

Don’t let Congress sell out our communications future. Read more below, or Contact your Representatives and Senators now!

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If it's not neutral, its not the Internet

by Daniel Berninger, Tier1 Research

Definition: Internet - collection of all networks that choose to beinterconnected by standard Internet Transport Protocol(s).
(Reference: David P. Reed,

The success of a proposal by AT&T and Verizon to end net neutrality does notthreaten

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Media Democracy for Mothers Day!

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What kind of media legacy will we leave our children?

ACT NOW to protect Internet freedom of choice and community television.

This Mothers Day, show your support for the future of

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The Black stake in the Internet: net neutrality is an African-American issue

by Bruce Dixon, Black Commentator

America���s black misleadership class, which is nearly indistinguishable from its black business class, has struck again.In a stunning coup, a mainline African American voting

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A Network Neutrality primer

by Harold Feld, Media Access Project

For those just tuning in, Network Neutrality (aka ���NN���, becuase every public policy deserves its own acronym) has gone from sleepy tech issue to major policy fight. So I have prepared a rather lengthy primer below for folks who want a deeper understanding of what's

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Seattle passes 10-year Comcast franchise

[from Reclaim the Media]

On Monday, the Seattle City Council voted 7-0 to approve a 10-year cable franchise agreement with Comcast. In the end, the Council went along with Energy Committee chair Jean Godden's strong desire to get the thing passed as rapidly as possible, without taking any time for

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Seattle City Council considers changes to Comcast deal

by Jonathan Lawson, Reclaim the Media

[a version of this article appears in the April 19 issue of Real Change.]

As Seattle draws closer to inking a new ten-year cable contract with Comcast, community advocates are looking to the City Council to help make the deal more responsive

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Seattle inks 10-year franchise deal with Comcast


5/03 UPDATE: The City Council approves an amended franchise. 4/18 UPDATE: City Council considers changes to Comcast deal. The Seattle City Council's March 30 hearing on the Comcast cable franchise lasted nearly three hours, as scores of local residents stepped up to weigh in on the city's proposed new 10-year deal with the cable provider. A substantial majority of those who spoke at the hearing were there to advocate for funding for extending arts and cultural programming on local public, educational and government (PEG) channels.

Many comments supported the "Arts Zone" side agreement which would give the city-run Seattle Channel millions in new funding for arts production. Many more spoke in favor of increased support for community TV channel SCAN. Other speakers at the hearing complained about Comcast's lousy customer service and asked for enforceable labor standards for service providers like Comcast. Few had anything positive to say about the actual terms of the new proposed franchise.

[ RTM's April 6 update | RTM's latest requests to City Council | summer 05 requests | Mayor Nickels' response to RTM ]
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Comcastic ain't so fantastic: labor rights for Comcast employees

[Reclaim the Media statement]

Comcast is the nation's largest cable company, with 21 million subscribers. Two years ago they were prepared to buy the entire Disney Corporation. Last year alone, CEO Brian Roberts received total compensation of $12.8 million. Yet when it comes to dealing with real

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