Seattle to renegotiate Millennium cable deal in 2007

[Office of Cable Communications announcement]

The City of Seattle will soon begin talks with Millennium Digital Media, L.L.C. for renegotiation of its cable television franchises. Millennium is one of two cable television service providers in Seattle. The cable operator serves approximately 15,000 Seattle customers in the Central Area, North Beacon Hill, Downtown and parts of the Capitol Hill and Queen Anne neighborhoods. Millennium’s cables franchises expire in March 2008, and negotiations for renewed franchise agreements will begin within the next 12 months.

Prior to beginning franchise negotiations with Millennium, the City of Seattle is conducting a "needs assessment study" in the communities where Millennium serves to determine needs and interests relating to Millennium’s Seattle cable system and the level of satisfaction with Millennium’s services. The community needs and interests identified during the study will help the City develop priorities for negotiations with Millennium. A draft needs assessment report will be made available after enough data is gathered from surveys and other methods for receiving community input. A random telephone survey has already been conducted; however, residents in these communities may take a web-based survey at under "What’s New." Public meetings will also be scheduled as part of the needs assessment study.

In early August 2006, the City Council passed an ordinance allowing Millennium to transfer its Seattle cable franchises to WaveDivision V, L.L.C. ("Wave Broadband" or "Wave"). Due to a pending legal dispute between Millennium and Wave, it is uncertain at this time whether the transfer will take place. Any updates will be posted on the Cable Office website at

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