Greedy Comcast deprives analog subscribers of onscreen listings

by Dan, Seattlest blog

We'd like to tell you about a complaint we have. Remember that guy a few years ago who refused to get a cell phone and what a pain in the ass it was to hook up with him? "I'll meet you at the North gate at 8 o'clock, or, if I'm not there, at the unintelligable gate at 9:45. And I won't forget the tickets this time." When it comes to digital cable, Seattlest is that guy.

We're fine with analog, thanks. Sure, Fox Sports World would be cool, but we can't rationalize any extra dollars towards our monthly television budget, so we're stuck with analog. Forget about HD. So in Seattle Comcast analog extended basic service includes channel 74 which is the TV Guide channel. Those of you with real cable may remember this channel; it's the one where the current TV listings scroll by so slowly your grandma starts to get impatient and it's completely non-interactive. If you want to see what's on Spike and it just rolled past the MTVs, well, you're screwed. So we don't use it for that. It's got a little clock on there, though, and sometimes you need to know how much longer dinner's going to be warming in the oven (or how late the delivery guy is) so you flip over there. 74. And when we tried that earlier this week we got this:

Comcast, you can take away our TV Guide channel. You can start picking off other channels (please start with the Golf Network). But until digital cable costs the same as analog cable we will not upgrade. We won't. So you do what you have to do and if it comes down to it we'll slurp up our dinner in front of a blue screen of obsolescence that reads "Get a life and Comcast digital service, loser." Keepin it real.

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