FCC delays broadband plan deadline by one month

by Rich Karpinski, Telephony Online

The FCC will a congressionally-mandated deadline to deliver a national broadband plan, today asking Congress for a four-week extension to more hold more briefings and gain additional input.

Washington has set itself a big year, what with additional broadband stimulus funding, net neutrality discussions and the new broadband plan all looking to make their mark in the first half of 2010. How those issues are resolved will have a huge impact on industry planning and spending this year and beyond, as well as how the industry’s competitive environment evolves moving forward.

The FCC is scheduled to unveil its national broadband plan on Feb. 17, laying out a plan to get high-speed broadband delivered more broadly.

According to press reports and statements from the commission, the FCC said it needed the extra month to filter through the voluminous public comments on the topic and also fully prepare FCC commissioners and Congress before debuting the plan.

article originally published at Telephony Online.

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