DC Circuit Court rules against FCC's authority to regulate net neutrality

by Cecilia Kang, Washington Post

Comcast on Tuesday won a legal challenge against the Federal Communications Commission, in a ruling by a federal court that undermines the agency's ability to regulate Internet service providers.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that the FCC lacked the authority to require Comcast, the nation's biggest broadband services provider, to treat all Internet traffic equally on its network.

The so-called net neutrality rule, imposed by former FCC chairman Kevin Martin, comes just days before the agency accepts final comments on a separate open Internet regulatory effort this Thursday. And the agency will be faced with a steep legal challenge going forward as it attempts to convert itself from a broadcast- and phone-era agency into one that draws new rules for the Internet era.

The FCC earlier this month released a sweeping national broadband plan, of which some recommendations would be affected by the court's ruling.

Comcast said it was reviewing the court's order and didn't offer immediate comment.

article originally published at Washington Post.

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