Bring Back the Balance

Afrika Bambaataa and the Universal Zulu Nation are fighting to take back the radio airwaves in what they call the Balance Campaign. This is their ten-point platform.

We the people of planet Earth want:

1.) A balance on the air waves of old school, new school and contemporary music.

2.) More variety of musical genres, artists and content on the radio stations.

3.) Radio station directors, programmers and deejays to be held accountable for what is played on their radio stations.

4.) The FCC to do more to regulate the radio stations which continue to play negative songs with violent/sexual content during times when children and minors are most likely to be listening---daytime, before and after school.

5.) Radio stations to reflect more diverse cultural and political views of the community and not the commercial interests of the big multi-media corporations.

6.) A certain amount of time dedicated to local news, important events, issues and concerns that affect the communities in which the radio stations are suppose to serve.

7.) A certain amount of time dedicated to local artists who put out quality music in their regions.

8.) A breakup of the monopoly of the air wave band frequencies--No big corporation should be allowed to own/control several different radio stations under different names.

9.) A balance on the video stations---more positive images of women and the urban experience which are free of the stereotypical images that assault the minds of our youth.

10.) Use the radio, video and any other form of communication to educate, enlighten and entertain and not to control, exploit and manipulate the masses.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey