Welcome to the Terrordome

Welcome to the Terrordome: The Pain, Politics and Promise of Sports
by Dave Zirin [Haymarket Books]

Zirin is probably the most thoughtful and politically savvy sports writer working today. Here offers his second fantastic collection of essays connecting sports, sports journalism and social/political issues, including racism and sexism in professional sports, doping and responses to doping, soccer and globalism, and the extreme contradictions between the high-dollar economics of professional sports and the popularity of sports as a social institution in many lower-income communities. Citing past examples such as Muhammad Ali, Toni Smith, Oscar de la Hoya and others, Zirin calls for politicized athletes to join forces and use their status as public figures to work for justice. He also calls for fans to recognize the struggles for justice both masked by and embodied within sports. Zirin's work offers a way of looking at sports as a principal site for such struggles, and not simply (to paraphrase Noam Chomsky) as "training in irrational jingoism." -jl

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