Spongeheadz: U & MEdia

Spongeheadz: U & MEdia by Lynn Ziegler [Book Publishers Network]

Media educator and activist Lynn Ziegler's first published work is a delightful tactical guide addressed to parents concerned about the effect of TV on their kids. Both sternly cynical about TV's potential as an educational tool and optimistic about young peoples' ability to critically engage with flawed media content, Spongeheadz offers moms, dads and kids creative and often fun tools for squeezing out the mental sponge. Targeted topics include deceptive advertising, racist stereotyping, and TV's often-corrosive effect on literacy. Ziegler also provides tools for engaging kids (and adults?) in critical thinking about the constructed nature of media programs by thinking about the policies and technology involved in contemporary media production. An added bonus: page after page of illustrations of fantasy TV remotes drawn by Ziegler's young students. -jl

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