Project Rewire and Special Plans

Project Rewire: New Media From the Inside Out ed. by Judy Daubenmier [William, James & Company] and
Special Plans: The Blogs on Douglas Feith and the Faulty Intelligence that Led to War
ed. by Allison Hantschel [William, James & Company]

These titles are the first in what is evidently a planned "Informed Citizen" series of easily digestible little volumes compiling (and perhaps preserving) some particularly insightful commentary from political blogs and Internet sites over the last few years. The twenty blog entries which make up most of the Feith volume demonstrate that reasonably intelligent people both could and did notice all along that the Bush administration used 9/11 as a pretext to lie its way into an extensively preconceived conflict with Iraq.

Project Rewire focuses more broadly on new Internet media and its engagement with political news coverage. Editor Daubenmier argues that the "wired media" are often outdoing traditional broadcast and print media in helping readers understand what's going on in the world, largely by providing critical commentary on the establishment press itself. Contributing essayists include critical journalists Robert Parry and Greg Palast, as well as media-critical bloggers such as Jay Rosen, David Sirota and Josh Marshall. The book's overall viewpoint is unabashedly partisan and progressive, and as such it covers conservative blogger media interventions only through the eyes of progressive critics, and radical perspectives are also absent. This was an unfortunate choice - a politically broader treatment of this topic is certainly needed. -jl

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