Moyers on Democracy

Moyers On Democracy
by Bill Moyers [Doubleday]

Bill Moyers is one of very few US journalists who may be judged a national treasure. While he has covered a wide range of topics during this long career on public television, for the last several years Moyers' writing and speechmaking have become increasingly focused on the state of American democracy - the subject of this collection of wise and eloquent essays. First describing our democracy as "a series of narrow escapes," Moyers observes that the main institutions intended to support and protect our democratic system function poorly, if at all. The news media, of course, figures prominently among these failed institutions. Through compelling stories, sweeping historical analysis and beautifully clear writing, Moyers manages to evoke both a Whitmanesque, unironic sense of the Dream of American democracy, and a hunkered determination to work together for its redemption. That Moyers makes this seem possible despite the multiple perils he describes, testifies to the quality of his idealism which makes his voice so indispensable. -jl

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