Media Concentration and Democracy

Media Concentration and Democracy: Why Ownership Matters
by C. Edwin Baker [Cambridge]

The last few years have seen millions voice their opposition to consolidated media power. Media activists have succeeded in slowing and even stopping maneuvers to extend corporate control of a deregulated media system. But the next step—creating new media rules that will actually encourage quality journalism and serve our democracy—will require a long-term commitment to re-articulating the importance of a free press. C. Edwin Baker's latest book provides highly useful blueprints for the struggle ahead. He presents strong arguments for media democratization backed by clear legal reasoning, historical study, and economic analysis. Baker methodically knocks down the most common arguments favoring media deregulation, including the canard that big media only gives consumers what they want, and the attractive but misleading notion that the Internet's vast array of choices makes legacy media consolidation irrelevant. -jl

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey