Life in the Wrong Lane

Life in the Wrong Lane: Why Journalists Go In When Everyone Else Wants Out
by Greg Dobbs [iUniverse]

Emmy award-winner Greg Dobbs aims to entertain with this memoir of his exploits as an ABC News field correspondent. His settings range from overseas danger zones in Afghanistan, Iran, Uganda and Lebanon to seat-of-the-pants gumshoe reporting on the Gary Gilmore execution and the 1973 American Indian Movement occupation at Wounded Knee. Each location serves as the backdrop for Dobbs to describe the creativity and recklessness of reporters determined to find visually compelling scoops for TV news. Dobbs tells a good story -- and provides a fascinating and colloquial behind-the-scenes look into the world of reporting on conflicts. But this is not a book about journalism; Dobbs' main conceit is that TV reporters are a species of adventure-seekers, and he makes war reporting out to be largely adrenaline-fueled fun and games. This severely limiting the value of his book to aspiring reporters, and making us doubt that he has truly delivered on the promise of his subtitle. -jl

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