Digital Destiny

Digital Destiny: New Media and the Future of Democracy
by Jeff Chester [New Press]

When Bill Moyers calls Jeff Chester "the Paul Revere of the media revolution," he's celebrating the author's prescient knack for warning to the rest of us about the terrible things coming just over the horizon. Chester's first book warns public interest advocates of the multiple perils facing them down in the ongoing broadband communications revolution. Deeply researched and lucidly written, Digital Destiny analyzes the media democracy movement's principal obstacles and opponents over the next several years: corporate consolidation, out-of-control commercialization (including Internet spyware), deceptive corporate lobbying, and of course "captured" government regulators. Chester's final chapters sketch the strengths and weaknesses of today's media democracy movement, and offer a (perhaps too condensed) list of issues and tactics for the near future. Digital Destiny may make you more cynical, but it will also make you smarter - and a citizen activist better equipped to take on the corporate Goliaths.-jl

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey