Dark Genius: The Influential Career of Roger Ailes

Dark Genius: The Influential Career of Fox News Founder Roger Ailes
by Kerwin Swint [Union Square]

Roger Ailes' career as a political operative, communications consultant and conservative media uberboss is the subject of this fascinating book. Kerwin Swint hits the well-known and lesser-known chapters of Ailes' career, including his political work for Nixon, Reagan and Bush I, and his years with CNBC. Especially interesting are the parallels Swint identifies between Joseph Coors' ill-fated attempt to sustain a conservative TV network (with Ailes as a key staffer) and Rupert Murdoch's and Ailes' shared vision for the Fox News Network. Contextualizing sections provide richly detailed consideration of related topics such as the role of media in American politics and the politicization of radio airwaves following the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine. - jl

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