Becoming the Media: A Critical History of Clamor Magazine

Becoming the Media: a Critical History of Clamor Magazine
by Jen Angel [PM Press]

A couple of years ago, the punishing economics of independent publishing proved too much to bear for several prominent and praiseworthy small magazines, including Punk Planet, LiP, Broken Pencil and Clamor. In this small pamphlet, Clamor cofounder and coeditor Jen Angel generously dives into the wreck of that magazine's regrettable demise, describing Clamor's hopes, dreams, challenges, successes, mistakes and immovable obstacles. Angel is candid and self-critical about thorny organizational issues including financial planning; interpersonal dynamics between founders and new volunteers; privilege and representation; and the benefits and difficulties of working on a project with a romantic partner. Becoming the Media is also a great celebration of independent print media, and a reminder that Clamor's voice is strongly missed -jl

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