Discurso de la victoria: Rumbo al socialismo nuestro originario

ANMCLA - (radio)
Distrito Capital - 03-12-2006
Tema: Sociedad
Autor: Hugo Chávez Frías

Extractos del discurso de la victoria, desde el balcón del pueblo

Recogido por los compas de la Guerrilla informativa 3D y editado por ANMCLA

Invitación inclusiva

"Invito a todos los sectores de la vida nacional, con las distintas vertientes, nos dediquemos a construir esa Venezuela socialista. Que nadie le tenga miedo al socialismo, que es humanidad; el socialismo nuestro es originario".

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Oaxaca Rising

Films about the People’s Rebellion
including Venceramos and a short film on the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca

Thursday, December 7th, 7 PM Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy)

Presented by Bolivarian Media Exchange, Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity, Sin Fronteras

Videos sobre la rebelion de la gente:
Uno video corto en la tema de la Assemblea Popular de La Poblacion de Oaxaca

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VENEZUELA, country awoken.

Caracas, November 3rd, 4:30 am (ANA)

To the sound of the reveille and fireworks exploding throughout the
city, one awakes and responds, connecting to the media, their
community media, and with their neighbors and friends. In the air one
can feel a sense of happiness, as the triumphant day, much awaited,
finally arrives.

The dense clouds seem lighter. A near full moon can be seen setting

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Venezuelan Election: Rojo Rojito or Rosalito?

Venezuela wakes up to Election Day: Rojo Rojito o Rosalito?

Those who support the revolutionary process in Venezuela, support the new
participatory democracy, their novel, progressive constitution, and of
course, their president, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, are confident in the
popularity of their president and of his impending victory over opposition
candidate Manuel Rosales. Of course, the opposition hasn’t conceded.

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Presidencial Elections in Venezuela

Presidencial Elections in Venezuela

Friday, December 1st

You can't go anywhere in Caracas, these days, with out seeing banners reading, "Chavez No Se Va!!" Elections are only 2 days away on Sunday, December 3rd. As of Thursday the schools of Venezuela have been closed and have been taken over by election officials in order to make sure elections will run smoothly. However, many Venezuelans believe that the elections will run no where near to smooth.

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Oaxaca - December 1 Update - Calderon Takes Power

-Teachers have responded immediately against the military entering schools, backed by parents who in some cases have chased military out of classrooms with rocks. Kids are of course frightened, crying, running. The 3rd article of the Mexican Constitution guarantees education for all. Military, uniformed and otherwise have entered over 10 schools.

-A march of around 5000 people, primarily teachers, ended at the Plaza de la Danza in front of the Soledad Church, a bold and courageous gathering following the wave of disappearances and arrests that continue.

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The Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca, APPO: A Chronicle of Radical Democracy

The Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca, APPO:

A Chronicle of Radical Democracy


Gustavo Esteva

For almost two years, the people of Oaxaca have been in increasing turmoil. The immediate cause has been the corrupt and authoritarian administration of the state's Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) governor, Ulises Ruiz, who took office after a fraudulent election in December 2004. But as the Oaxaqueños have resisted Ruiz, especially these last five months, deeper struggles have come to the surface and begun to find expression. It is a process of awakening, organization, and radicalization that merits review. On May 22nd the teachers union, with 70,000 members throughout the state, began a sit-in in the main plaza of Oaxaca City to dramatize their economic plight. Most urban Oaxacans reacted with a mixture of indifference and annoyance to the sit-in and the blockade of some streets. Such demonstrations regularly accompany teachers' strikes and always produce some additional perks for the leaders of the union and for the teachers, but at the price of disrupting the life in the city for weeks or months. People were also more than a little annoyed because the teachers had abandoned their schools and many families did not know what to do with their children.

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Parting the Red Sea in Caracas

It's hard to tell what's going on in Venezuela right now. And that's if you're there. From here, it's even harder. I have several friends in Caracas, and the fog of election hampers them as much as it does me here. I've pulled together 6 points (and one photo of the Rojo Rojito, the Red Tide) I think are useful to being understanding what's happening today in Venezuela, and what will happen in a week.

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All Hell has Broken Loose in Oaxaxa.

Update about what happened in Oaxaca on November 25th. From an source in Oaxaca who wishes to remain anonymous.

Pictures from November 25th at


The military had enclosed themselves and the zocalo behind rows of barbed wire. A very large and quiet demonstration of people who had walked 12 kms from Ulises Ruiz' office on the outskirts of the city surrounded the military in a human ring two streets out, then on each street radiating from the zocalo, they rallied with chants and approached the troops waiting behind their full body shields, bullet proof vests, helmets, thigh and shin guards, batons, tear gas guns.

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Pictures from Oaxaca

Here are some pictures from Oaxaca during the end of October and the beginning of Novemeber.
All captions are in Spanish.

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