OCIMO's letter to the Consulate in English and Espanol

The organization of Migrant, Indigenous Oaxacan Communities

To the Mexican Embassy in the United States
To the people of Oaxaca
To the people Of Mexico
To the people of the world

We represent OCIMO, the Organization of Migrant Idigenous

Oaxacan Communities and, with respect to the current situation in the

Mexican State of Oaxaca, we declare the following: The events of

the last few months have demonstrated grave human rights conditions,

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Nov 20th: Caracas Marches For All Our Struggles

Popular Mobilization


Towards Revolutionary Victory

Monday November 20th

Plaza Catia

9:00 a.m.

The popular movement again is prepared to take back the streets in a demonstration of its strength, of its valor, of the inmense role that it has in these revolutionary times. Monday, Nov 20th, we go to the streets to make clear our undoubted decision of backing the reelection of Hugo Chavez to the presidency of the republic, of defending the territory that will be his landslide victory, but also to be very clear that all our struggles don’t end with elections… that there are still one thousand struggles and one thousand efforts to truly see the new motherland be born. Those are the true struggles of communities, workers, indigenous people, campesinos, students, made into women, men, dyed of black, brown, and white skin.

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Day of Solidarity with the People of Oaxaca

November 20 is Revolution Day in Mexico. The Zapatistas have called for a
General Strike in Mexico with solidarity with the popular movement in
Oaxaca, and have called for actions internationally.

The people of Oaxaca are engaged in a courageous struggle to build a
popular democratic government that values citizens over corrupt political
and economic interests. They are taking back their government from a

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Oaxaca is an occupied territory in an undeclared state-of-seige.

(First hand account from a Portlander who recently returned to Oaxaca)

The new heart of the city is now around the Santo Domingo Church. The streets echo with recorded music of the movement, laptops play the most recent footage: the Woman's March to the zocalo, the defense of Radio Universidad, and interviews with Oaxacans in defense of their city. The art in protest against the militarization of the state is stunningly creative, stenciled or posted on the walls of the city. Venders pass among the crowd with tamales and fruit. Altars and traces of large sand paintings from Dia de los Muertos remain in front of the church and adjacent streets. Grafitti calling for URO to step down is everywhere.

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Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity Meeting

A meeting will be held this Monday November 13th to continue
discussions and organizing around Solidarity with the people of
Oaxaca. The meeting will begin at 6:30 and is being held at Liberty
Hall (311 N Ivy). Warm beverages and some snacks will be provided.

We will be organizing actions on November 20th. We will be continuing
our discussions around sustained solidarity and how that will look in

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PCASC-Global Exchange Labor Delegtion

Members of the Portland Central American Solidarity Committee (PCASC) in Conjunction with are on an historic labor Delegation to Venezuela and Colombia. We'll be posting their reflections here over the coming days.

Socios del PCASC y Global Exchange estan visitando Venezuela y Colombia en un delegacion sobre los medios y los sindicatos. Vamos a difundir sus refleciones aqui durante los dias que vienen.

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LA PFP ATACA A NIÑOS Y MUJERES MANIFESTANTES/ The Federal Preventative Police (PFP) attack children and women protesters

7 de noviembre de 2006, 11º día de ocupación federal del estado de Oaxaca

7 November 2006, 11th day of the federal occupation of the state of Oaxaca


The Federal Preventative Police (PFP) attack children and women protesters

Mientras la Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes "no ve ni oye" la estación clandestina gubernamental, Radio Ciudadana, la señal de Radio Universidad está casi destruida. No obstante la pérdida de este medio de comunicación tan importante para la organización del movimiento popular, varios miles de mujeres oaxaqueñas se congregaron este día para realizar una marcha en demanda de la presenta ción de los desaparecidos durante los operativos de la Policía Federal Preventiva, de libertad de los presos políticos, el castigo a los asesinos de los compañeros caídos y el retiro de las fuerzas represivas del estado.

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Open Letter from Independent Media Organiziations Working in Oaxaca

[an open letter from Independent media organiziations working in Oaxaca to the Mexican
Goverment, Mexican and International Human Rights agencies, and international civil

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca. 7 de noviembre, 2006.

A Vicente Fox Quezada, Presidente de la República
A Carlos Abascal Carranza, Secretario de Gobernación
A José Luis Soberanes, de la Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos

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Oaxaca News Sources

Radio APPO (Espanol)

Radio APPO (English Translation) (Channel #radioappo)

APPO (Espanol)

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Oaxaca Solidarity - PDX - 11/5


!People Come Together in Support of Oaxaca!

715 SW Morrison
Sunday, November 5
4:00 - 6:00

Please come! and rally friends to come!

The altar will be set up in honor of our people whose lives have been taken
in Oaxaca. You are welcome to bring offerings and candles for the altar.

There will be speakers, & written information available. You are also

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