Stop the raids!!!

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GUESTS: Jessica Salcedo, 14 year old whose mother was picked up in a
recent ICE raid, Xiomara Corpeno, Director of organizing at CHIRLA

Last week, federal agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement
conducted a series of immigration raids at workplaces in five states,
including the nation's largest poultry producer. The Texas based
Pilgrim's Pride poultry plant said that approximately four hundred of
its employees were taken into custody after Wednesday?s sweeps.
Immigrant workers were also apprehended at various restaurants and
factories in New York, Florida, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Locally in
Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wrote a letter to Department
of Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff last month chiding the
agency for the negative effects that workplace raids have on the
economy. But even after the letter was sent in late March, ICE carried
out another series of workplace raids in Torrance on April 1st. A
total of forty-four workers were taken from three warehouses that day,
eleven of whom were immediately deported. While elected officials and
federal agencies argue over economics and national security,
communities are reeling from the devastation of being separated from
family members and the loss of income.

For more information about ICE raids and help with attorney referrals,
call CHIRLA 213-201-4451.

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