Opposition Government Represses Campesinos in Venezuela

18 Campesinos Detained in Zulia, Venezuela

The state government of Zulia has demonstrated its capacity to violate human rights with ease, violently attacking 350 families that were living in two ranches that ex-governor Manuel Rosales purchased with the people's money, or state money, however you wish to call it.

Imprison the Corrupt

The Ezequiel Zamora National Campesino Front (FNCEZ) denounces and accuses the Regional Police of Zulia, its director, Jesus Alberto Cubillan, the governor, Pablo Perez, and above all, Manuel Rosales, who used state money to purchase 8 ranches located in the municipality of Sucre, two of them, San Miguel and Santa Teresa, now immersed in conflict. The regional police of Zulia attacked 200 families living in the San Miguel ranch, beating women, burning homes, and destroying everything in their path; for two months, the families had been demanding the expropriation of this ranch purchased with the people?s money by Manuel Rosales, ex-governor of Zulia state. Mr. Rosales now violates the human rights of these 200 families, who he has left with nothing, demonstrating his capacity to destroy and decompose communities with a politics of violence.

Unsatisfied with attacking 200 families in the San Miguel ranch, the police also arrived in the nearby Santa Teresa ranch, where 150 more families had been living for 2 months; the land was state property, yet the eviction process was illegal, lacking the presence of a minor?s court, a public defender or attorney, or an eviction order, and resulting in the detention of 18 campesinos who only until 12:00 pm today were taken to the public defender. The process was completely illegal and illegitimate, discrediting any possibility of coexisting with the political factors of Zulia state.

At this moment, more than 200 people have occupied the headquarters of the regional police of Zulia, demanding freedom for the prisoners and respect for their rights, as well as denouncing the violation of human rights suffered by the 350 families who today have no place to live.

The national government must react to this case and expropriate the lands that Manuel Rosales purchased with the people's money. End impunity and imprison the corrupt.

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