Oaxaca Solidarity - PDX - 11/5


!People Come Together in Support of Oaxaca!

715 SW Morrison
Sunday, November 5
4:00 - 6:00

Please come! and rally friends to come!

The altar will be set up in honor of our people whose lives have been taken
in Oaxaca. You are welcome to bring offerings and candles for the altar.

There will be speakers, & written information available. You are also
welcome to speak.
Music, Chips and Salsa Dancers. Bring posters, umbrellas, friends.

!SPREAD THE WORD! The crisis in Oaxaca is about education, but also worker's
rights, Indigenous rights, freedom of speech, economy injustice,
political/governnmental corruption, human rights, fraudulent elections...and
directly linked to U.S./Mexican economic policies and immigration concerns.

Nov. 3- People are already coming into Oaxaca from outlying areas, from
Mexico City, from other states to support the people of Oaxaca in a Mega
March that will be held this Sunday, November 5.
We join them in solidarity for the right to good education and freedom from
military siege.

There will be support gatherings globally. Look on Indymedia for activities
in your area. If there isn't an action in your area, stir one up. France,
Italy, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, the United States, Canada,
Ireland, England are already working on behalf of Oaxaca.

If you have friends in Portland, please let them know about Sunday.


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