Oaxaca - December 1 Update - Calderon Takes Power

-Teachers have responded immediately against the military entering schools, backed by parents who in some cases have chased military out of classrooms with rocks. Kids are of course frightened, crying, running. The 3rd article of the Mexican Constitution guarantees education for all. Military, uniformed and otherwise have entered over 10 schools.

-A march of around 5000 people, primarily teachers, ended at the Plaza de la Danza in front of the Soledad Church, a bold and courageous gathering following the wave of disappearances and arrests that continue.

-Demonstrators marched in each of Oaxaca's seven regions, as many as 6000 in Juchitan and several thousand in each region: la Valle Central, la Canada, la Mixteca, la Sierra, la Costa, Tuxtepec, el Istmo,

-Large concentrations of military were stationed at the highway entrances to the city, especially in the direction of the Indigenous Sierra.

-The Forum of the Indigenous Communities of Oaxaca met with APPO in the Church of the Poor, surrounded by a ring of plain-clothed militia. "Never more a Mexico without us for the autonomy and resonstruction of our Indigenous communities".

-1280 AM, the station of congressman Lobez Lena continues to broadcast in support of the movement.

-Radio Guelatao continues to broadcast.

-Radio Ciudadana, that of the PRI, continues to be a weapon: supporters of the movement, whether teachers, professors, APPO members, doctors or health workers, or others, are specifically named, their address provided, listeners are encouraged to burn their homes and act against them. People who have been targeted in this way have had to leave the city or seek refuge.

-The APPO directive has had to leave Oaxaca, some disguised, and continue to work with the national and international community in support of the civic and peaceful movement in Oaxaca. There may be a meeting Monday with government.

- 522 now imprisoned, 200 arrested of which 150 are teachers, 100 disappeared. 14 others were arrested on Dec.1. Some of the arrests continue to be completely arbitrary.

-Nine prisoners have been identified as employees of the PRI and responsible for fires set in certain buildings the night of Nov. 25.

- Prisoners are being transported to the maximum security prison in Nayarit, and medium security prisons in Jalisco and Tamaulipas. Lawyers are being denied access to prisoners, and families forced to present unreasonable proof of identity that may or may not permit contact, another form of cruel harrassment.

-The Federal Preventative Police acknowledge that 200 local and state police are out of their control, Ulises Ruiz'/the PRI's private militia.

-All gunmen arrested for the murder of Brad Will have now been released.

-Llano Park is now a provisional military base, as well as the zocalo and Santo Domingo Church. The tank that was driven up the steps onto the Santo Domingo Plaza was quickly removed, though documented.

- The government on both the state and federal level have been bombarding TV and radio with promotional "spots" crediting Ulises Ruiz, and others discrediting Lopez Obrador.

Mexico City

-An enormous and festive crowd on the Mexico City zocalo since 7am cheered Lopez Obrador as the legimate president of Mexico following a strong definitive speech, then all marched towards the National Auditorium, where it was uncertain even to mainstream press whether Calderon would be inaugurated there as is customary.

-Earlier, at midnight + one minute, the fraudulent inauguration of Felipe Calderon was televised, the ceremonial passing of the presidential sash from Vicente Fox to Felipe Calderon, but only televised; during a private ceremony at Los Pinos, the presidential residence, a first in Mexican history.

-San Lazaro, the Mexican congress building where presidents are traditionally sworn it, was surrounded by a 5k security ring that included 6' high solid iron barricades. There were 6000 military/police, 3 times more than congress members and quests. Another first. It was uncertain to even mainstream press whether Calderon would appear.

-The corporate political alliance was evidenced by the presence of George Bush Sr. and the heads of state of Central America, all engaged in the Plan Puebla-Panama which would drive through Oaxaca. The presence of a member of the diminshed Bush family further weakened Calderon's already feeble first day in the eyes of the world. Of the 12 South American countries only Colombia was present.

-The first African/South American forum was simultaneously held in Nigeria, and an apparent priority. El Cumbre de Paises de Africa y Sudamerica.

-Though the PRI-PAN holds 2/3 of the congress, Calderon will be attempting to govern from "the Federal District", Mexico City, which is PRD and does not recognize him as president.

-PRD members posted large banners in San Lazaros: Ulises Asesino, Represor, Mega-Marcha-Oaxaca, some of which were torn down by

PRI/PAN deputies, resulting in a brief confrontation.

-Fox and Calderon did appear at San Lazaros long enough only for Calderon to be sworn in and then immediately depart for the National Auditorium where a lengthier ceremony with guests of honor and party members, excluding the PRD. Fox and Calderon, unaccompanied by their wives, were present in the senate no more than 5 minute. Another first.

-Calderon has placed emphasis on his security cabinet. Three members in particular should be immediately denounced in light of the human rights violations currently occuring in the country, and then closely watched (because of the 2/3 PAN/PRI majority there is no chance they will not be approved):

1. Secretary of the Interior, Francisco Jimenez Acuna, who as governor of Jalisco never responded to reclamations for well-documented torture and human rights abuses throughout his six year term.

2. Attorney General, Eduardo Medina Mora.

3. Secretary for Public Secretary, Genaro Garcia Luna.

It is important to immediately contact Human Rights organizations and the United Nations, Mexican consulates, as well as the Calderon Administration directly to denounce Acuna as Secretary of State when Oaxaca is already suffering terrifying illegal and inhumane repression.

Does anyone have the new contact numbers for the Calderon Administration?

-Amnesty International
-Human Rights Watch
-The Right Livelihood Award
(Right Livelihood recognized Francisco Toledo in 2005)
PO Box 15072
S-104 65 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 (0) 8 702 0340
Fax: +46 (0) 8 702 0338
-Indigenous Organization For Human Rights in Oaxaca/
Organizaciones Indias Por Los Derechos Humanos en Oaxaca- OIDHO -
Capulines #4B Prolongacion Buenavista
Col. Forestal
Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca, MExico
C.P. 71 220
tel.: 951 54 91916
e-mail: oidho@yahoo. com.mx
-International Commission for Human Rights

List of Mexican consulates in the US and Canada: http://elenemigocomun.net/128

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