Hate Groups Not Allowed to Adopt A Highway

Just as soon as the SD Minutemen Caltrans signs went up , we stated “signs won’t last and we will be sure they are taken down, there is no way we were going to let these hate groups promote themselves on our freeways” stated Enrique Morones of Border Angels & Gente Unida.

Immediately after the San Diego Minutemen “adopt a freeway” signs” went up on Interstate 5 near the San Onofre check point. Border Angels & Gente Unida called out (January 12, 2008) to organizations, legislators and community members across the country to take the signs down !!!

Working closely with the California Latino Caucus, Caltrans, the Governors office and others, we were able to convince CATRANS that not only were they going against their own policy (of not allowing groups that promote violence and discrimination to be involved in Adopt a Freeway Program), but there was a huge security and safety risk to allow these signs and members of the San Diego Minutemen to “work” along side our roads.

This past week we were informed by Sacramento, that they concurred and the signs would come down. We especially want to thanks Assembly Member Joe Coto (Chair, Latino Caucus) and Lori Saldana (San Diego) as well as Senator Gil Cedillo (Vice Chair, Latino Caucus) for responding promptly to this huge “oversight” by CALTRANS and for working with CALTRANS to remove signs.

As we prepare for MARCHA MIGRANTE III ( Feb 2-17) we are pleased to know, that the caravan that will travel 4,5000 miles from San Diego to Canadian Border and back, will not have postings of Hate groups along the very roads we pay taxes for to maintain. Our message this year is TU VOTO, ES TU VOZ ! (your vote, is your voice) Let’s each of us make a difference in voting for someone that will give this country, Humane and Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Contact info:

Enrique Morones

Border Angels/Gente Unida

P.O. Box 86598

San Diego, CA 92138


(619) 269-7865

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