Day of Solidarity with the People of Oaxaca

November 20 is Revolution Day in Mexico. The Zapatistas have called for a
General Strike in Mexico with solidarity with the popular movement in
Oaxaca, and have called for actions internationally.

The people of Oaxaca are engaged in a courageous struggle to build a
popular democratic government that values citizens over corrupt political
and economic interests. They are taking back their government from a
discredited governor and those who use violence to keep him in power. The
people of Oaxaca now face a repressive occupation by Federal military
police forces and terrorist acts of disappearances.

Monday November 20 Actions:

3:00: Oaxaca Solidarity Rally, Pioneer Square (Downtown Portland)

3:30: March to Mexican Consulate (1234 SW Morrison St.)

4:00: Deliver letter from OCIMO (Organizacion de Comunidades Indigenas
Migrantes de Oregon) to the Mexican Consulate

4:30: Caravan leaves from Consulate to PCUN’s Radio Revolution Event in

6:00-9:00- PCUN’s Radio Revolution! celebrating KPCN-LP, their new low
powered FM station. PCUN, 300 Young St. Woodburn, OR

6:00-9:00: Oaxaca Resiste!
An evening of film, music, and a personal account of Oaxacan resistance
Guadelupe Perez will speak about his experiences as a member of the
Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) during its struggle to
force the governor of Oaxaca to resign.

There will be Revolutionary Corridos sung by Nick and Brenna, Films from Oaxaca including
'Sobre La Lucha' (a short explaining who theA.P.P.O. is), Granito de Arena (a documentary about
the teachers strike that led to the forming of the A.P.P.O. and history of the democratic
teachers union)
6-7: food and music, 7-9: Guadelupe Perez, 9- : films

These events organized by:
Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity
For more information visit:

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