All Hell has Broken Loose in Oaxaxa.

Update about what happened in Oaxaca on November 25th. From an source in Oaxaca who wishes to remain anonymous.

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The military had enclosed themselves and the zocalo behind rows of barbed wire. A very large and quiet demonstration of people who had walked 12 kms from Ulises Ruiz' office on the outskirts of the city surrounded the military in a human ring two streets out, then on each street radiating from the zocalo, they rallied with chants and approached the troops waiting behind their full body shields, bullet proof vests, helmets, thigh and shin guards, batons, tear gas guns.

A man standing in front of me carries a slingshot at his side. Someone has a stick. One has a bundle of fireworks. A woman carries a bag of broken cantera; she pulled up the stone veneer of one of Ulises Ruiz' remodels and sent it crashing to the ground to make ammunition. A grocery cart filled with broken stones stands ready. People wear scarves across their faces, blue medical masks. Bottle bombs will appear later, makeshift bazookas.

Then someone, a policeman or policewoman, a street kid, a student, a soldier from the top of the church- someone throws something. The battle is fierce, tracers arc across the roofs of the old colonial buildings, one is one fire, the door of another is burning. Medics carry a young man into the make-shift clinic in IAGO, the largest art library in Mexico.

As night begins to fall, the military start the engines of their plow tanks and water tanks and drive the people up towards the Santo Domingo Church which had become the new zocalo of Oaxaca. The people blockade the main boulevard above Santo Domingo near the bus station.

Police pour into the city from all sides. It is not just Ulises Ruiz the people want out, it is the PRI, and it is the private militia of the Oaxacan PRI that is the most brutal recently, men and women. The combined military force sweep Santo Domingo, the bus station; confrontations build on the south side of the zocalo and spread throughout the city.

People are running, being detained, arrested, at Santo Domingo alone 60 people have been taken.

The Supreme Court is burning, and another government building on Llano Park, there is unconfirmed rumor of fire in the Historical Museum of Santo Domingo Church. The entrance of the Camino Real Hotel is reported burning. A federal building is burning on Calle Alcala which links the zocalo with the Church of Santo Domingo. Around 12 buildings are on fire.

The people are warned to take the wounded somewhere other than the public hospital because troops wait for them there.

The army has been called in.

The Mexican army has been called in against the People of Oaxaca. The army will join the local, state and federal police, the state and federal governments of Mexico, the justice system, the media, the church, and the United Nations who declined to involve themselves unless requested by the Mexican president.

I can tell you now this will not stop the people of Oaxaca.

Do they want their supporters from across the world to come to Oaxaca in support? We need to know from them. Radio Universidad- (from the U.S., 011) 52 951 527 5624

Es la gente de Mexico en el extranjero que tienen el poder en esta crisis, tienen la economia de su pais principal en sus manos.

Ultimately it is the Mexican people in the United States who have the greatest potential power over this crisis- only petroleum provides more income to the Mexican nation.

The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey