Media, Meet Justice! is RTM's northwest community media organizing project.

Media Meet Justice: Needs and Feeds Wall

Media, Meet Justice


Needs and Feeds Wall


Seattle Housing Authority:

• Low Cost Internet Access

• Training Programs on how to access internet (LEP) SHA Staff

Cascadia College:

• Low cost internet access for mobile devices

Community Alliance for Global Justice:

• Access to programmers/IT technicians for website maintenance/expansion

• Affordable methods of media outreach to greater community for actions and events

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Broadband and accessibility

At the Media, Meet Justice! meeting on Oct. 20, one discussion group focused on broadband and communications accessibility issues.

Here are the unedited notes from that discussion:


making media tools accessible to people with disabilities, older folks, folks who don't usually have easy access.

Disability Rights: include issues of physical barriers to participating in media

the work that we do really could be totally accessible to people with physical disabilities (ReelGrrls, KBCS, SCAN, Hollow Earth).

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Supporting community media

At the Media, Meet Justice! community meeting on Oct. 20, one discussion group focused on sustaining community media.

While all community media organizations are in need of financial need, discussion tonight focused on the immediate challenges of maintaining local funding for public access channel SCAN, currently slated for major cuts under the Mayor's proposed budget.

The City Council will make a final decision on the budget on Nov. 22.

Groups represented in the discussion: KBCS, SCAN, Hollow Earth Radio, Reclaim the Media, Youth Media Institute, and independent bloggers/artists.

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