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A Celebration of Community Radio with Amy Goodman: Sept 16

Join Reclaim the Media for an evening of thought-provoking commentary and lively discussion with Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman. Appearing as the keynote speaker of a conference celebrating community radio in the northwest, Amy will present material from her latest book, Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People Who Fight Back. Amy will be joined by special guests, including co-author (and brother) David Goodman; the event will also include film highlights from the recent Low Power FM barnraising in Woodburn, Oregon.

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Network Proposal: Governance and Management

This proposal represents an initial attempt to create a framework for development of the Northwest Community Radio Network Structure including how the Network will be governed and managed.

Rationale: In order for a centralized network of community, college, LPFM and non-commercial, non-religious radio stations to become a functional entity, this entity must define its core operational functions. Decisions made with regard to values, ethics, governance and management need to be guided by a collective vision. Processes need to be formulated for effective communication and facilitation of network members needs.

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Northwest Community Radio Summit: Sept 15-17

Community radio friends and compañeros: join us in Seattle this September for an historic summit, the founding of the Northwest Community Radio Network! College and community stations from Oregon to Alaska will meet to form a voluntary network for content sharing, collaborative production, station mentoring and joint media democracy campaigns. The summit will also include grassroots radio skill-sharing for community radio programmers at any level of expertise. Workshops will be led by some of the best and brightest community radio activists in the Northwest, along with allies from the media democracy movement. Our keynote speaker is Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman.

Click here to register (or here to pay if already registered)! For more on the developing conference schedule and other information, read on, and bookmark

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Welcome to 2.0

For the first time in over four years, Reclaim the Media has undergone a major website revamp, moving to the dynamic, open-source Drupal content management system. All of the features of the old RTM site will remain, as well as the familiar look and feel. Please excuse any temporary malfunctions, and read on for a partial list of what's new!

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RTM seeks campaign organizer

Reclaim the Media is hiring a campaign organizer to help run our statewide fight to protect media diversity, communications rights and Internet freedoms. Read more for details.

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LPFM Barnraising in Oregon, Aug. 18-20!

This August, our pals at the Prometheus Radio Project return to the Northwest for their second bilingual LPFM barnsaising in Woodburn, Oregon! In the spirit of neighbors pulling together to put up a new building, Reclaim the Media will join the Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN) and Prometheus to build a radio station from the ground up! Click here to register or here to find out more!

At the August 18-20 event, Prometheus' tenth radio station barnraising, a cast of dozens, maybe hundreds, of community radio aficianados will come together to help build KPCN-LP Woodburn, OR. Regional volunteers from Portland's KBOO, Indymedia and Reclaim the Media will be joined by national volunteers throughout the US and international volunteers from Central and South America, and will converge in the Willamette Valley of Oregon to make a long-standing dream of PCUN come true! Since the organization formed in 1985, to protect the rights of Woodburn's immigrant treeplanters and farmworkers, it's been in the organization's vision to own and operate its own radio station to be used as an organizing tool for the group's numerous issues and campaigns.

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RTM at the Baptist Peace Fellowship, Atlanta

RTM's Daniel Hannah and Oregon Indymedia activist Amy Dalton are presenting a workshop on critical media literacy and media activism at the Baptist Peace Fellowship summer conference in Atlanta, July 10-15. Here's the official description:

Media for the Peace & Justice Movement: from distortion to connection

Daniel Hannah and Amy L. Dalton will present a workshop on the role of media in peace and justice organizing, with special attention to how churches in North America can use media activist strategies in their faith communities. Participants will be introduced to a critical analysis of the mainstream media landscape in North America, including an examination of media as a business, the role of advertising and public relations in the media, and the invisible political assumptions that frame most media we consume. We will then look at how social justice movements are responding to this reality through media reform advocacy and grassroots media mobilization. We will close with a dialog about how churches in particular can employ these strategies such as teaching media literacy, making DIY media, advocating for media reform, and strategically engaging the mainstream media within faith communities.

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Marching Plague

Marching Plague: Germ Warfare and Global Public Health
by the Critical Art Ensemble [Autonomedia]

This small book was originally intended to provide documentation and background for the Critical Arts Ensemble's vanguard political art project "Marching Plague," which sought to critique and undermine the US government's post-9/11 fearmongering around biological weapons. The project hit close to home for it's target, however, and the FBI's prosecution of a CAE principal on bioterrorism compsiracy charges became a subtext of the book (and delayed its publication for two years). The book includes a focused, independent narrative on the history of biological weapons development and attempted use. More broadly useful is its examination of how and why the government and mass media have colluded to generate hysteria about bioweapons, exploiting the public's ignorance to keep us distracted from real political issues and, not coincidentally, crises in global health. -jl

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Amy Goodman to keynote September conference

It's confirmed: Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!) will be the keynote speaker for the Northwest Community Radio Summit, to be held Sept. 15-17 in Seattle.

Community radio station representatives in the Northwest are invited to get involved with planning summit activities. Contact us to get involved!

Dark Genius: The Influential Career of Roger Ailes

Dark Genius: The Influential Career of Fox News Founder Roger Ailes
by Kerwin Swint [Union Square]

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