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Coastal Washington LPFM needs help!

Received via email from folks at KXPB Pacific Beach:

I am writing on behalf of a small community on the Washington coast that currently has a low powered radio station. It serves three small towns (about 500 to about 800 each) Moclips, Pacific Beach and Aloha. The radio station was set up originally and run almost entirely by one fellow, Kelly. Tragically, he died a few months ago from a heart attack while on the radio actually.

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Seattle to host FCC media ownership hearing on Nov 30

Why Should I Care? Q&A
FCC/Media Ownership fact sheet (pdf)
Communications Rights: putting the issues in context (pdf)
Media Democracy fact sheet
Printable postcards to send comments to the FCC (pdf)

On Nov. 30, a Seattle public hearing on media ownership takes place at the Seattle Public Library, with FCC Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein. The hearing will help the FCC gather public comment as it considers revising its media ownership rules, which help protect viewpoint diversity by limiting the number of newspapers, TV and radio stations a single company may own or control. This is Seattle's opportunity to weigh in on an issue which is critical to our culture and our democracy. The public hearing begins at 6pm, Thursday Nov. 30, in the Seattle Public Library's main auditorium (map). Prepare your two-minute comment and arrive early to sign up to testify!

Opening statements from the two FCC Commissioners and from Congressman Jay Inslee will be followed by public testimony. The hearing is cosponsored by Reclaim the Media, The Seattle Times, KBCS 91.3fm Community Radio, the Minority Executive Directors Coalition and the UW Department of Communication.

Media regulation timeline (from Bill Moyers' NOW)
Audio from the March 03 Seattle FCC hearing
RTM response to 2003 deregulation
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Report on the NW Community Radio Summit

On the weekend of September 17-19, about 150 community radio volunteers, staff and engaged listeners met in Seattle for the Northwest Community Radio Summit, an event organized and hosted by Reclaim the Media and KBCS. This is the organizers' report on what took place that weekend, with a view to the challenges ahead.

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Davey D speaks at Hip Hop: Back to Its Roots, Nov 17-19

Oakland-based hip-hop journalist Davey D returns to Seattle this November to speak at Hip Hop: Back to Its Roots, a festival of hip-hop arts, dance, music and rapping featuring local and internationally celebrated performers including Isis (Toronto) and Spinderella. The festival runs Nov. 17-19 at Seattle's Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center. Co-sponsored by Reclaim the Media.

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Washington Congressional candidates on media ownership and net neutrality

In last week's televised debate, Republican Congressman Dave Reichert and his Democractic challenger Darcy Burner (Washington 8th district) responded to questions about net neutrality and media ownership consolidation. While both candidates voiced support for the principle of net neutrality (Reichert voted for a failed net neutrality amendment before voting in favor of the entire neutrality-free COPE Bill), Reichert came up completely blank on the question of ownership.

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Community Radio, Radio Community

Our friend Lilja Otto has written a great reflection on the KPCN barnraising, and it's posted at YES! Magazine. Check it out!

Ready, Set, Talk

Ready, Set, Talk!
by Ellen Ratner and Kathie Scarrah [Chelsea Green]

This highly useful, no-nonsense guide to media relations is full of straightforward, well-organized tips for those who need to get their message out through the media. The authors (Ratner, a Fox News analyst and Scarrah, a former media staffer for both Lieberman and Kucinich) provide tactical advice for effective message development, coaching media spokespeople, and securing opportunities to appear on radio and TV programs. An insightful chapter is devoted to strategic uses of Internet communication tools including blogs and social networking tools. Until we live in a democratic media utopia, this book provides some of the wily strategies communicators need to cut through the static. -jl

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A grassroots radio organizing success: NW community radio summit wraps up

The Northwest Community Radio Summit ended on a high note on Sunday, Sept 17. Some 150 energetic, dedicated and creative community radio activists represented stations from Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho and Oregon for a weekend of skill-sharing workshops, discussions of media policy activism, community media's role in supporting grassroots hip-hop and more. The weekend summit's main purpose was the organizing of a regional community radio network. Attendees did an incredible amout of work towards that goal--making plans to deepen organizing and outreach over the next year, and sketching out a web-based content sharing system, plans for collaborative public affairs production, and other shared projects. Stay tuned - Reclaim the Media will prepare a more detailed report on conference accomplishments in the days to come. Until then, enjoy these photos from the conference, or download keynote remarks by David and Amy Goodman and Lt. Ehren Watada (streaming mp3s). UPDATE: more audio here, plus local Independent media coverage of the hip-hop plenary and the keynote event, and the whole summit, plus the streaming slideshow (wmv) shown at Town Hall.

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Saludo Radialistas! a message from José Ignacio López Vigil

by José Ignacio López Vigil, from an audio greeting sent to the KPCN low-power FM barnraising in Woodburn, OR, 18-20 August 2006. Translated by Lilja Otto.

Dear friends who have come together this weekend in Oregon, this is José Ignacio López Vigil speaking from Peru. I am the author of the book Rebel Radio or One thousand and one stories of Radio Venceremos, the heroic radio station of the Salvadoran guerrillas. And right now I am working here in Lima, in a production center that we call Radialistas Apasionadas y Apasionados.

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Summit panel details

Conference panelists and panel descriptions for the NW Community Radio Summit. What a lineup! read on for panel descriptions; here also is a workshop schedule grid for Saturday panels and workshops.

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