FCC Set to Propose National Digital Literacy Corps

Yesterday, at the FCC's Digital Inclusion Summit, Commissioner Mignon Clyburn voiced her commitment to ensuring that all Americans have the digital literacy skills to use the web safely and effectively.

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Introducing the Digital Media Literacy Curriculum...

Reclaim the Media has been hard at work on a Digital Media Literacy curriculum, and we're finally getting ready to introduce it to the world (or at least the Pacific Northwest). In March and April, we will be holding introductory training sessions in Seattle to get potential trainees and training providers acquainted with the curriculum and hear some feedback on our approach to this emerging and important issue in digital justice and media literacy education.
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Contributing and Engaging Online

Over the past month, the Red Cross has managed to raise over $35 million dollars for the Haitian earthquake relief through $10 text message donations. As the social media world's fervent excitement over this simple way to give has died down to a hum, it might be a good time to look at what this kind of fundraising means for the small-time philanthropist and digital activist.

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What is digital media literacy?

Digital media literacy means more than just understanding how to use Facebook or conduct an effective Google search - it means being able to use and create digital media to participate in civic life and collaborate around the issues that matter to us. It also means changing the way we think about accessing, analyzing, and evaluating media, as the web provides us with an increasing number of choices for information, news, and entertainment and complicates our media landscape with new advertising and marketing tactics.

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey