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MJLI Part 2 Buying Power and Selling The Story

I woke up this morning to find that Sprint shut my cell phone off again, and I knew it was going to be a bad day. I’ve been having trouble keeping up with my payments lately as I try to live within the constraints of an AmeriCorps stipend. Even five dollars over the mark and they shut it off, without warning. Having just come back from the Media Justice Leadership Institute in Washington D.C., it gave me much to think about.

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The Media Justice Leadership Institute 2011

Meeting The FCC, or, "Please Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

A man who needed to borrow his son’s phone to apply for a job online. Another person who drove miles to get to a library that had internet. Elder tribal community members who needed to fill out Medicare forms online but could not get access. Youth, independent artists, and media makers who need to be able to create and upload media to communicate, enlighten, and inform.Read more.

Media Meet Justice: Needs and Feeds Wall

Media, Meet Justice


Needs and Feeds Wall


Seattle Housing Authority:

• Low Cost Internet Access

• Training Programs on how to access internet (LEP) SHA Staff

Cascadia College:

• Low cost internet access for mobile devices

Community Alliance for Global Justice:

• Access to programmers/IT technicians for website maintenance/expansion

• Affordable methods of media outreach to greater community for actions and events

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Take Action to protect Community TV in Seattle!

UPDATE 2: Watch SCAN's recent press conference responding to city budget cuts. UPDATE: City Council is not responding to our calls for restored funding, but issues a wish list for seeking a new public access provider with limited funds. As you may be aware, the Seattle City Council is soon to vote on a budget which dramatically slashes the budget for public access television. The cuts are so severe that public access channel SCAN-TV announced that they will be forced to close their doors in less than two months—leaving Seattle with no public access TV studios, training facilities, and nobody to run the channel.

This week is our last chance to tell the council members that it is not acceptable to ignore the hundreds of Seattle residents and organizations that have already spoken out in favor of maintaining funding for public access. Please contact members of the City Council directly and tell them: don't throw community TV under the bus—restore funding for SCAN TV in the city budget!

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey