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Free online tools can be used to win political campaigns: Sol Villarreal

“I was a field organizer for Obama up in Ohio for the general election and more recently I was the volunteer coordinator for the McGinn campaign for Mayor. To me, net neutrality really has to do with access to information and access to the ability to organize information. In Kentucky they made me the volunteer coordinator for out of state volunteers. Basically, using a Google spreadsheet we organized close to 1,500 volunteers to come to Kentucky from all parts of the country and knock on doors. I realized the power of these completely free online organizing tools and the deeper into the campaign I got the more I realized that this was a political force being run by college students and 20-somethings on laptops using free online tools and sharing information tools. It really stuck with me. The ability of people to organize themselves and how that affects their ability to access power. That to me is what net neutrality means.”

-- Sol Villarreal, Community Engagement Coordinator, Office of the Mayor, City of Seattle, comments to the FCC on preserving a fair and open Internet, Seattle 27 April 2010

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Open internet is crucial for the survival of alternative media: Jerome Edge

"I just wanted to stress, from my standpoint as a community broadcaster, why I feel things like free and open internet and independent sources of communication, be it community radio, are incredibly important... What would happen is that you’d have members of our community that would come out and pour their hearts out about how upset they were about [Glenn Beck receiving the key to Mount Vernon, WA]. How they pleaded and begged with the Mayor of Mount Vernon not to go through with this. But do you think these mainstream media outlets showed this information? They didn’t. Unfortunately, what happened in this mainstream media circus is that our community was painted in a light that 95% of the people who live there don’t really agree with. At the station, we heard from people all around the world that wanted to know what’s going on, what’re you guys thinking, in Mount Vernon and due to those really smart people who found us through internet searches.... The people who took the time to look through and see those alternative sources of information were able to be enlightened and informed about what was really up with what we call home.”

--Jerome Edge, host and producer of Massive Mix Session on KSVR in Mt. Vernon, WA, speaking to the FCC about preserving a fair and open Internet, Seattle 27 April 2010

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We build game-changing communities with Open Internet: Rahwa Habte

"My sister and I own and operate a small business in Seattle’s Central District. The area that our restaurant's located in is relatively low-income and relatively high pockets of refugees and immigrants surround the area. I use the internet in every single aspect of what I do. I’m able to be creative and find ways around a lot of challenges that I face. The way that we are changing our community is through art and through music. We’ve become very well known, through the internet, locally and nationally - even internationally. We’ve been able to connect with artists and organizers all over the United States and other countries. It’s very important that we have an open and free way to do that - freedom of exchange of art and ideas through the internet. We’ve built lasting relationships and we’ve changed lots of young people’s lives. We’ve changed the game in Seattle by accessing the internet.”

-- Rahwa Habte, owner of Hidmo Eritrean Restaurant in Seattle, comments to the FCC on preserving a fair and open Internet, Seattle 27 April 2010

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