Davey D's end-of-year hip hop awards

Record industry goes after personal use

Reverend Billy's crusade against the 'shopocalypse'


A homespun preacher, equal parts Borat, Jimmy Swaggart and Michael Moore peddles his anti-consumer message to Mall America

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Graffiti artists come together in Georgetown

In Seattle, 1100 stand up for media diversity in marathon hearing

photo: Jake WargaAdvocates of diverse media, local media accountability, and quality journalism are seeing Friday's FCC media ownership hearing as a triumph. Over 1100 people attended the nine-hour marathon hearing, making it the largest of six such meetings designed to gather public opinion, as the FCC considers proposals to let big media companies buy up even more local TV and radio stations.

The five Commissioners attending the hearing stayed onstage at Seattle's Town Hall until 1am listening to passionate pleas to reject further media consolidation. A diverse range of northwesterners from five states stepped forth to testify -- despite the fact the hearing was announced just five business days in advance. Nearly everyone who spoke opposed deregulation, following a pattern established at previous hearings.

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Will Hollywood writers strike? Labor drama unfolds


As the deadline for a new contract nears, writers and producers are negotiating, but some are braced for the worst.

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