Northwest musicians and organized labor oppose media consolidation

before the
King County Labor Council


Oct 17, 2007

WHEREAS, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is charged to regulate the public airwaves and communications systems to serve in the public interest, convenience, and necessity; and

WHEREAS, freedom and democracy require diverse and local voices, an informed public, and equal and affordable access to the press, media, and Internet communications; and

WHEREAS, our participatory democracy and electoral processes are being threatened and diminished by a handful of giant media corporations who want to swallow up even more local TV Channels, radio stations and newspapers in a single market; and

WHEREAS, our unions and the general public suffer from under reporting of labor issues in the news media and misinformation influenced by corporate America; and

WHEREAS, the frontline workers most negatively affected include journalists, musicians, writers, artists, actors and telecommunication workers; and

WHEREAS, we know that 3 million comments halted unfair FCC rulemaking procedures regarding media ownership consolidation and localism in 2004, and

WHEREAS, the final opportunity to offer public comment to the FCC will be at a public hearing slated for November 2007 in Seattle, WA, and/or directly to the FCC by a similar deadline, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the King County Labor Council will join the American Federation of Musicians and the Communications Workers of America in opposing the Federal Communication Commission’s loosening of the media ownership consolidation rules; and now be it finally

RESOLVED, that the unions of the Martin Luther King Jr. County Labor Council 1) communicate to the FCC their opposition to the proposed rule making on media ownership consolidation, 2) encourage their members to communicate their opposition to the proposed rule making on media ownership consolidation 3) forward copies to the Washington Congressional Delegation, 4) forward copies to the WSLC and, 5) testify at the last FCC sponsored public hearing slated for Seattle, WA. Date is TBA in early November, 2007.

Write to:
444 12th St SW
Washington, DC 20554

Chairman Kevin Martin

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Be a part of the next FCC sponsored public hearing in Seattle! The date is TBA in early November. Visit Reclaim the Media to stay posted.

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