Another Media World is Possible!

Media, meet Justice.

Imagine a world in which...

  • Journalism challenges injustice, promotes civic participation, and shares stories from all of our communities.
  • Media and social media become community tools for ending racism and poverty.
  • Public-owned fiber optic networks provide fast, affordable, open Internet choices to everyone.
  • Low Power FM community radio stations are launched in cities and towns everywhere.
  • Broadband “smart-grids” save energy by letting us monitor and adjust home electrical use online.
  • Urban and rural wireless mesh networks provide large zones of free or inexpensive wi-fi connectivity.
  • Public and community media outlets receive meaningful subsidies for local and investigative journalism.
  • Community media centers provide training sites for new generations of media makers.
  • Digital media literacy is taught as part of high school social studies curricula.

You can help create another media world-—one that helps us grow democracy, justice, and self-expression. Reclaim the Media is the Northwest’s leading voice for media justice. Your sustaining membership wis what makes it possible for RTM to continue buliding for a just media world.

We need your support to keep bringing the fight to the Mad Haters of deceptive right-wing media; to expand broadband access and community radio for communities that need media tools the most; to support quality journalism and media literacy; and to make sure that MEDIA always works for JUSTICE.

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The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest. -John Dewey